Space Case is an animated, quarter hour, fast paced, comedic sci fi TV series.


Space Case is about the intergalactic adventures of Space Captain Bill Case and his crew, who struggle to fight off the dastardly inventions of Dr. Death. 

Space Case is a fast paced, quirky comedy with social implications that reflect our current day social issues and how technology impacts a media saturated society. 

What is the format?

The show, “The Intergalactic Adventures of Space Captain Bill Case”, is an animated TV show inside a TV show, comprised of two segments; The Adventures of Captain Bill followed by a studio audience, and The Commercials broadcast to the audience. 

The commercials serve the purpose of creating context and interject support for the story line, usually in an aside format.  Even though the “show” is aware that it exists, the characters only exist inside the show with frequent asides.

A Narrator guides the studio audience and is as much a part of the action as the studio audience watching the show. Frequently the characters address the audience as an aside, especially when the commercials interrupt the programming in the middle of an action sequence. 

What is the setting?

The episodes don’t follow an arc per se as they introduce new characters and commercials which continually expand the Universe. Each episode is designed to take a tongue in cheek look at real world situations. 

Commercials are designed to provide actual product placement in the real world marketplace for product consumption. The commercials bolster the plot of the show and offer products for real world purchase that enhances both the marketing for the show and the products. Each provides support for the other.


The Series was written, created, produced, recorded and performed by Dana Rodden. All music with the exception of a few Royalty Free selections for effect, Initial Story Boards, Initial character development, most special effects and all Voice Over work performed by Dana Rodden.

Art & Design

All finished Artwork, Content Enhancement and Art Direction by Rishi Bhoodram. 

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